Week 12 - feeling it

Cranked through another 2 weeks of training. Pretty uneventful, except for some ankle soreness in week 10 and a 10k run last weekend. Found an interesting thing - it turns out that running 10/10/8 over 3 days is harder than 8/16/6. The 10/10 combo makes you run a bit faster and the second 10 miler is just brutal.

The 10k went better than expected, dipped right under 40 minutes. No one of any considerable talent showed up, so I came in 3rd. Probably could have pushed for the 1st since I had both of the frontrunners in my sights, but knowing that I have a long run to do the next day, I pulled back and did not push it. Results are here.

The LA marathon took place on Sunday, and I think that the weather was pretty decent. Most people were out of the gate by 7:15, so that I would have been done right around 10:30am. It did get a bit warm by that time... so that would have slowed me down some. But who knows. Maybe I should have run it.

The mid-way point

The end of week 9. About 47.4% done mileage wise. Starting to feel some fatigue, but it is manageable. Some of it is due to the travel schedule this week, which will hopefully will not repeat until April. I got back in town midday on Thursday  and did the tempo run in the evening - that was not pretty. Air travel is somehow not conducive to the aerobic exercise.

Next week is going to be the last week for speedwork, and also the weekend has 2 10 milers instead of a long run. The following week I have a 10k scheduled on Saturday, and that from there it should be a straight forward journey to the starting line of the OC Marathon.

I am going to enjoy every minute of this journey!