Week 4 and a good chunk of week 5

Week 4 is over with. No real standouts so far, even though the ankles are achy as hell. The weekend running sandwich was a little annoying but I pushed through. On Monday instead of running in the morning, I went to a climbing gym with the wife. This was a good warm up. Had some sushi for lunch, and then did a 6 mile loop with a trek over the Trash Truck Hill. Good times!

Had to go to Vegas on Tuesday/Wednesday. Brought my gear with me and did 2 runs. One run was a loop from the northern end of the strip to downtown and then the next morning from the Wynn to the end of the strip and back. The second run was pretty intense with all the bridges that I had to climb over. I was hooked!

On Sunday I am running the Surf City half, so I am taking Saturday off from running. Planning to run it at a steady pace aiming for 1:31 or so time. It should feel easy and the heart rate should be staying below 170 bpm. Will report back!

Week 3

Finished week 3 of training. The longest run was 10 miles, for the total of about 41 miles for the week. Did 2 track sessions for speedwork and the tempo run, and while I like running on cork... not sure if I want to train after 6pm. Something feels off about the form - maybe the heart rate is a bit higher due to all the sitting and dehydration from the office.

In any case, so far so good, no major issues except for some minor aches here and there. Still trying to figure out if I like running in Bondi 3s. They seem to be just too wide, so I am trying them now with orthothics instead of the normal inserts, to be reduce the space inside. I am rotating between Bondi, Stinston Tarmacs and Saucony ProGuide 7s. Had a horrible experience with the Sauconys during the New York Marathon last year (holy Batman blisters), but they seem to be very comfortable for the speedwork and tempo runs.

OK, on to the 4th week! The weekend sandwish is 8-8-6 this time. And then the Surf City Half the weekend after!

Taking another stab at BQ

So now that 2015 is well underway, I am getting started on another BQ campaign. Started training on 01/01/2015 following the Hanson advanced marathon training plan. 18 weeks of suffering! How can you say no to that? Completed the first 2 weeks and so far:

  • Everything hurts
  • Fatigue is there but manageable
  • Running most of the time in Zone 2, except for the Tuesday speed day
Ok, what have I been up to since the LA Marathon 2013.

  • Wildflower 2013
  • Nautica Malibu 2013
  • Long Beach half 2013 - first time under 1:30 for the half.
  • IMAZ 2013 - first 140.6, a reasonable finish time.
  • LA Marathon 2014 - aborted after getting hit with plantar fasciatis
  • Breath of Life triathlon in June 2014 - ok swim, ok bike, ok run, had to be careful with pacing.
  • Nautica Malibu 2014 - an awful start to the race, bike fell of the rack while driving, rode with repalcement wheels, swim was the worst ever, bike/run were nice.
  • Silverman 70.3 2014 - had a really good race, hit all the goals on the bike leg.
  • NY Marathon 2014 - had kinda of a crappy day.
  • Santa to the Sea half  2014 - second time got under 1:30 at a half, 10 seconds away from medaling in the age group.

Plans for 2015:

  • Surf City half
  • OC Marathon
  • Ojai Marathon
  • Vineman 70.3 - if I get in
  • Silverman 70.3
  • IMAZ

Also planning to update the blog ever week or so. Or as the updates happen intraweek.