Last ride of 2012

After taking a day off yesterday, decided that today I should do a short bike ride. It was windy and cold, yet sunny and clear - not too bad for the New Year's Eve. Did the usual La Tuna loop with a stop at the Glenoaks terrace (13% grade for 2 blocks). The left cleat somehow got loose after 5 miles or so, and I had to ease off on hammering - I remembered that I had left my multi-tool kit at home somehow. Results here.

Off to take a nap now. Happy New Year, everyone!


Today was a long day. Started off with a 5k in the morning  The temps were in the mid-30s, and me and my kid had to spend about 20 mins just to get warmed up properly. When we got to the parking lot, I've realized that I forgot my running watch. I had to rely on the Strava client for the overall time keeping, but during the run I had to go by my gut. I trailed a track team member that seemed to be going about 6:15 min/mile and drafted off of him up until the last 500 meters. I guessed correctly - finished well under 20 mins, 19:47. It was nice to PR. My son also PR'ed - he finished at 25:30, which was a great accomplishment since he had barely trained at all. Results here and some pics below -

By the way, the course was most trails, and fairly flat. And after the run the organizers were serving home made pancakes and other good stuff, like bananas and oranges and coffee, and even some running nutrition.

Got home and had to make a trip to Costco. Finally freed up at 2pm and decided to do the 12 mile run today since the forecast for tomorrow seemed to be leaning towards more rain.

Did a 12 mile loop through Glendale running down Kenneth to the corner of Glenoaks and Ethel, and back through Glenoaks and the 6th st. The left ankle felt fine (it's been bothering me on and off since September), and it was mainly the fatigue that I had to fight through. The weather was clear and somewhat windy, a little bit on the chilly side. Perfect for running! I grabbed a few packets of Stinger Honey chews during the post 5k feeding session, and during the afternoon run I went through 2/3 of a single packet. The chews tasted and worked great! I definitely them prefer to both the Shot Bloks and the Gu Chomps, even though the former is a very close second. The run pace was pretty mellow since I knew that I was getting close to simply running out of energy. Results here.

Tomorrow I rest!

Windy day

A windy day in Burbank, and it just so happened that I had a ride and a track run scheduled. Rode with Dave Rinell and his brother in law from 8am. The route was the essentially La Tuna in reverse, with a small detour through Glendale via Los Feliz. I did the first climb going all out, and the rest of the ride was mellow. The wind was not making it any faster either. Results here.

Got home, and relaxed for a couple of hours. Had some coffee, nuts and a clif bar. Watched a couple of episodes of Falling Skies and headed out to the track.

The program today was a series of 8 short intervals - 4 repeats of 800 meters, followed by 4 more repeats of 400 meters. The average pace was to be about 6 min/mile (or 2:59 for 800 and 1:29 for 400). Without the wind, this is a fairly easy run, but today one side of the track felt like running through butter. I tried alternating running clockwise and counterclockwise, and both directions were about the same - even though the counterclockwise option was a little easier since I was starting the run by cornering into the wind. Ran another 0.75 miles as a warm up/down. Results here.

Now I get to rest til Saturday!

Easy day

Since I was such an overachiever yesterday, today was an easy day. We were supposed to hike, but it rained overnight and we had to scrap that plan.Went to Arboretum (an awesome botanical garden in Arcadia) with the family. Walked around for a few hours, while the house was being cleaned.

Did some chores in the afternoon, and then went for a run with Max, since we both have a 5K coming up this Saturday. Ran 3 miles, easy pace, but Max was getting plenty worked - see the results here. Getting some rest now for a hard day tomorrow - unless it rains, it will be a bike ride in the morning and a track work out in the afternoon.

My kind of Christmas

Wifey took the kids to Disneyland today - and that means that I get to work out twice without feeling like a totally unfit parent.

First workout is a 2 x 3 miles, tempo (ie around 7:00 min/mile). Went to Griffith Park and parked at the little steamers parking lot. Ran the back trail along the 134/5 - it forms a nice 3 mile loop if you cut out by the 2nd, which was flooded today anyways. The first loop was a little bit of a struggle, with the temps in the mid 50s. First loop was run at about 7:05 min/mile average. Took 5 mins off after finishing it and took off some outer layers.

The second loop was easier and I was able to maintain a good tempo - closer to 7:01 min/mile. The trail had some massive puddles and on the way back my left shoe ended up being stuck, and I had to pull it. Results here.

Went back home, ate, played with the dog, watched TV, and went out for a 4 mile run with 6x100 strides. First mile felt sluggish,  but then the legs started firing again, and I ended up running a 4 mile loop at about 7:31 average. Results here.

Did 6 100 meter strides after that while listening to the awesome Midnight - Satanic Royalty is very very good. Finished up, got home, showered and the family was back. Yay Christmas!

See what you've been missing

I totally forgot about this blog. For shame really, since it's been a long time since I've posted anything. I cleaned out the old posts (for some reason, they all sounded stupid and whiny, go figure that I was such an asswipe 2 years ago).

Let's see, going try to cover what's happened since 05/2010:

2010 - Nautica Classic, finished under 2 hours, which was an awesome time for me back then. Did it on the Klein bike, which was way too small for me. The run was decent. Sold the bike after that.

2011 - Vineman HIM. I got into a much better shape for that race, and got a new roadie in Feb of 2011. Been able to finish the bike in 3 hours, and tore it up on the run. Finished in 5:48. Nautica classic - did it in 1:45, and beat the pants off all the team mates that I had thought were invisible. Capped the year off doing the Magic Mountain Man race (3:26 overall), which was a major challenge, mainly due to its difficult bike course.

2012 - this was a busy year, and it's not over yet. 2 Olys (Desert Tri - 2:22 and LA Tri - 2:38), 1 HIM (Wildflower - 6:25), 2 marathons (San Diego R'n'R - 3:42 and Santa Clarita - 3:25), 1 hard climbing century (Mulholland Challenge - 10:47) and 1 Sprint Tri (Magic Mountain Man - 1:18) where I finally medaled. Some smaller running events here and there. I've gotten into what is probably the best shape of my life. I picked up a second hand Cervelo P3SL in the beginning of the year, and learned to ride a passable aero position. I did Nautica as a part of relay team. Had a pretty crappy run which might have contributed to it being a a bit of a blah experience.

Plans for 2013: LA Marathon in March, Wildflower in May, IMAZ in November. These are all paid for registrations, so it's on. I might do a race or 2 in between (Heartbreak 100 possibly, maybe Nautica again solo, Pier to Pier in July).

I am still a lousy swimmer. Going to try to improve on that this year, but it's been the same story for the last 3 years. Not sure what's going change, but the city of Burbank might actually complete re-building the swimming pool near Verdugo park, which is supposed to stay open throughout the year. This might help me swim more regularly and with more focus.

Right now I am in the midst of the 16 week training program for the LA Marathon. It's fun, yet incredibly challenging.