Back to triathlon

Took a week off, and slowly started getting back into tri specific training.

The numbers for the week of May 11th (6h 57m):

  • Swimming - 1h 39m
  • Cycling - 2h 40m
  • Running - 2h 38m
The numbers for the week of May 18th (10h 19m): 

  • Swimming - 2h 27m
  • Cycling - 3h 50m
  • Running - 4h 1m
I am keeping the swimming volume on the lower end for now (about 2100 yards per session) since I am concentrating on short intervals to get the cadence and speed back. It really sucked the first week after no having swam a yard for 7 months. Cycling is primarily 2 Zwift sessions (3-4 laps of Watopia at what 5% of what is probably my FTP right now) and 1 longer ride outside on the weekend.

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