Week 12 - feeling it

Cranked through another 2 weeks of training. Pretty uneventful, except for some ankle soreness in week 10 and a 10k run last weekend. Found an interesting thing - it turns out that running 10/10/8 over 3 days is harder than 8/16/6. The 10/10 combo makes you run a bit faster and the second 10 miler is just brutal.

The 10k went better than expected, dipped right under 40 minutes. No one of any considerable talent showed up, so I came in 3rd. Probably could have pushed for the 1st since I had both of the frontrunners in my sights, but knowing that I have a long run to do the next day, I pulled back and did not push it. Results are here.

The LA marathon took place on Sunday, and I think that the weather was pretty decent. Most people were out of the gate by 7:15, so that I would have been done right around 10:30am. It did get a bit warm by that time... so that would have slowed me down some. But who knows. Maybe I should have run it.

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