Week 8 update

Getting a strange itch to run the LA marathon. I am saying no to this bizarre idea, secretly hoping that the fucking thing would just sell out and end this delusion. No need. Seriously, what am I getting out of it? I doubt that I am in shape to even attempt a BQ, and my corral placement will be crap. Please go away!

By the way, it is getting easier. To the point of me pondering additional mileage. But I doubt that there is a need for that. Once the speed work will end, it will get more painful with the strength workouts - as they are essentially mini-tempo sessions.

Oh and also the work is sending me to NY for 3.5 days. Which means that I won't be able to run on Monday as I am flying in. So I am adding 8 miles to the Sunday run. I am badass like that. It is supposed to rain though so might be a bit nasty. Oh and it is like 20 degrees in NY, so running outside is not going to happen. I am planning to abuse the treadmill at the hotel.

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