Week 7 in the bag

Completed week 7. Was probably the best week so far. One thing I have to say about the training plan is that it is relentless but not designed to kill you. It is definitely pushing me, making me to watch the pace, the way I run, the way I recover, the way I sleep. I now see how the relationship between cadence and fatigue works after years of simply capturing my cadence metrics without doing anything about it.

Another thing about running 6 days a week is that you cannot afford to be reckless. I raced in old shoes with the history of giving me blisters... sure enough I get blisters and for 2 weeks I had to train with it. At times it was bad enough to make it feel like I was stepping on a razor.

But this also taught me to be optimistic. I now know that I just have to see things through. And be patient. Human body is amazingly resilient, being built for running. This video has some great answers - well worth watching.

Some logistical challenges ahead - have to travel for work soon, then going on a week long vacation in March, another work trip in April. Will try my best to stick with the schedule.

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