Tempo 7

It only occurred to me yesterday morning, but the training plan had quietly upped the miles for the tempo run from 6 to 7. I had to move the tempo run from Thursday to Friday since I had only 45 minutes to do the workout yesterday - so did a 6 mile easy run instead. This morning left early and banged out a 7 mile run. I have realized that you can run a 2.3 mile loop off the horse trails looping around the northern portion of the trails.

Tons more fun than the track. The trail is mostly flat with a couple of very gentle rollers. I should have found this years ago! Somehow I ended up running it faster than intended for the first 2 loops, so I kind of slowed the last loop down a bit. Still ended up with a good pace, and had a quiet cooldown running through the parking lot of the zoo.

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