Week 4 and a good chunk of week 5

Week 4 is over with. No real standouts so far, even though the ankles are achy as hell. The weekend running sandwich was a little annoying but I pushed through. On Monday instead of running in the morning, I went to a climbing gym with the wife. This was a good warm up. Had some sushi for lunch, and then did a 6 mile loop with a trek over the Trash Truck Hill. Good times!

Had to go to Vegas on Tuesday/Wednesday. Brought my gear with me and did 2 runs. One run was a loop from the northern end of the strip to downtown and then the next morning from the Wynn to the end of the strip and back. The second run was pretty intense with all the bridges that I had to climb over. I was hooked!

On Sunday I am running the Surf City half, so I am taking Saturday off from running. Planning to run it at a steady pace aiming for 1:31 or so time. It should feel easy and the heart rate should be staying below 170 bpm. Will report back!

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