Week 3

Finished week 3 of training. The longest run was 10 miles, for the total of about 41 miles for the week. Did 2 track sessions for speedwork and the tempo run, and while I like running on cork... not sure if I want to train after 6pm. Something feels off about the form - maybe the heart rate is a bit higher due to all the sitting and dehydration from the office.

In any case, so far so good, no major issues except for some minor aches here and there. Still trying to figure out if I like running in Bondi 3s. They seem to be just too wide, so I am trying them now with orthothics instead of the normal inserts, to be reduce the space inside. I am rotating between Bondi, Stinston Tarmacs and Saucony ProGuide 7s. Had a horrible experience with the Sauconys during the New York Marathon last year (holy Batman blisters), but they seem to be very comfortable for the speedwork and tempo runs.

OK, on to the 4th week! The weekend sandwish is 8-8-6 this time. And then the Surf City Half the weekend after!

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