Taking another stab at BQ

So now that 2015 is well underway, I am getting started on another BQ campaign. Started training on 01/01/2015 following the Hanson advanced marathon training plan. 18 weeks of suffering! How can you say no to that? Completed the first 2 weeks and so far:

  • Everything hurts
  • Fatigue is there but manageable
  • Running most of the time in Zone 2, except for the Tuesday speed day
Ok, what have I been up to since the LA Marathon 2013.

  • Wildflower 2013
  • Nautica Malibu 2013
  • Long Beach half 2013 - first time under 1:30 for the half.
  • IMAZ 2013 - first 140.6, a reasonable finish time.
  • LA Marathon 2014 - aborted after getting hit with plantar fasciatis
  • Breath of Life triathlon in June 2014 - ok swim, ok bike, ok run, had to be careful with pacing.
  • Nautica Malibu 2014 - an awful start to the race, bike fell of the rack while driving, rode with repalcement wheels, swim was the worst ever, bike/run were nice.
  • Silverman 70.3 2014 - had a really good race, hit all the goals on the bike leg.
  • NY Marathon 2014 - had kinda of a crappy day.
  • Santa to the Sea half  2014 - second time got under 1:30 at a half, 10 seconds away from medaling in the age group.

Plans for 2015:

  • Surf City half
  • OC Marathon
  • Ojai Marathon
  • Vineman 70.3 - if I get in
  • Silverman 70.3
  • IMAZ

Also planning to update the blog ever week or so. Or as the updates happen intraweek.

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