Trail ruin

Took a couple of days off from any aerobic exercise to let the congestion go away. Almost there, but the cold/flu is still kinda lingering. What a gross little flu season we have this year! In any case, decided to go do my usual 7 mile trail run in the morning in Griffiths park.

It was pretty warm actually when I started at 8am. Maybe it is Spring time afterall. I wanted to keep a good pace, probably close to 7:30ish for this run. It felt pretty good, with the trail being full of runners (clearly it is almost the time for the LA marathon, lol). The only thing I did not like was how I ran the second short hill near the end of the trail - it felt forced and kind of hard in terms of the effort. Had to blow my nose a couple of times too to clear the snot.

The last mile was run pretty fast - specifically, close to 5:45 min/mile in the last 0.75 miles! Good stuff - results here. I still feel like I am not quite there for the Boston qualifying pace. My guess would be that my time would nearer 3:20. Just my hunch. Tomorrow is the first swim + a short intervals workout. Yay! 

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