Sunday ride

There's less than 2 weeks left to the LA Marathon 2013. I am still working through the 16 week program, but at this point I need to start shifting my focus to cycling since this is what Wildflower is about. Also swimming needs to resume, and the last but not least I need to shake off the remnants of the last weeks flu. Still feeling it a little.

With that said, I planned a rather short but intense ride. I was going to hit Mount Hollywood from the Vermont Canyon side, so that I would be able to climb a couple short but steep streets and the canyon around the golf park. Also the Vermont climb is a little shorter and overall steeper than the Western Canyon climb. The converge at the intersection that takes you to the observatory.

Left the house after lunch. Did not have my tri bike today (left it in the shop yesterday to get some work done). Of course it was windy as hell, and I really wished that I had the aerobars at my disposal. Wind seemed to have been coming from every direction possible no matter where I turned. Even climbing in the rather secluded Hollywood hills felt harder than usual due to consistently strong gusts.

It eased up a little when I got to Vermont Canyon. The traffic was dense and I had to carefully navigate the switchback until I got to the tunnel. Not a fan of that thing... cars can barely see you. Once I got past the gate I somehow managed to get the chain stuck and dropped it... first time this year. Weird - it's a new chain. Maybe the right shifter is starting to go. Finished climbing and came down Mount Hollywood drive pretty fast. Climbing felt reasonably strong considering that I ran 13 miles the day before.

After I did a quick dash through the Forest Lawn stretch (the wind was so strong that I had to ride on the drops pretty much to Olive). Crossed back through Riverside drive, and then climbed Sonora to Brand Park. Again, lots of traffic on Sunset Canyon. Not sure why. Cut back to the 6th through Harvard and I was home! Got to enjoy the steak with mashed pot and arugula salad. Yummy! Results here.

Alright, so no aerobic activity for the next 2 days. Need to start rejuvenating! 

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