The day before

Tomorrow is the marathon day! I am already feeling the adrenaline rush in my blood. Everything feels frantic, accelerated and sort of blurry. I could not fall asleep yesterday without a sleeping pill, and it almost never happens to me. But I feel good and ready. The snot is almost gone from the nasal cavity and my breathing is good again.

This morning I slept in on purpose and woke up at 8am. Put on my full running garb, and went for a short 3 mile run at about 90% speed. Everything was clicking good, the pace was steady and I had no issue with the right hip or the left knee. Yay! Did a quick dash to Olive and back and was all done by 8:30am. Beautiful weather too, even though it did get warm after 11am. The results here.

Tomorrow I will leave at 5:30am for the stadium. Wish me luck!

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