Hard Tuesday

Basically, the last hard-ish day before the marathon. Slept very poorly today, the time change is still not set right with my inner clock. Got up at 5:45am today and headed to the pool. Dark and cold still, and the windshield is frozen even. And imagine that - there's traffic on the 101 at this hour! Got to the pool and there was like 1 lane left open, and it is the one by the stairs!

Swam 600 yards easy, just warming up. Legs felt sluggish, so I swam a couple of lanes with the kickboard. Felt better and then got to the intervals - 8x75 sprints. Felt kinda hard actually - I think that the best time I showed was 1:19 for like the 5th or the 6th sprint. 20 seconds rest intervals don't really leave you much room for heroics after the 4th sprint anyways. After that swam another 600 pretty easy with some hard 25s thrown in here and there.

Got home, worked on my theatrical stuff at Paramount... lunch was spent just sitting outside and sun bathing. Felt great and not even sleepy or anything.

Went to the track at 6:10pm. At first it was just me and the 3 Hispanic dudes who always run on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They were hauling ass, and were kinda smirking at me as I was warming up. Then I did my 2 miles tempo and I was hoping to keep it at 6:50 or so but it was not in the cards... kept it at 7:00 just like I was supposed to. Towards the end of the last mile the left knee was feeling a little tender underneath. Odd.

Then I got to doing the 800s at 6:30 and suddenly my legs woke up and I was running quite well. No more smirks from the tres hermanos! 400s were even better and I did one of them at 5:17 min/mile. Results here. Warmed down with 3 slow laps, stretched and headed to pick up my daughter. Tomorrow will be the bike to work day (and my birthday, yay!). And then after that - total taper til Sunday!

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