Slowly recovering from the flu, but this round of it was pretty bad. The whole family is sick, with the exception of the dog :). Nasty bug, for sure. Co-workers seems to be going in and out of it too.

Yesterday, went for a quick morning ride before work. Nothing record setting, just a quick ride to downtown and back on the LA River bike trail and then a loop through the park. The trail was pretty windy on the way back, and I was feeling the muscle fatigue from the speed intervals on Thursday. Gotta say, the surface in one spot, about 3/4 mile from the Glendale freeway, is absolutely horrific. Very dangerous if you happen to be on the aerobars and have someone else riding through the same spot in the opposite direction.

After I finished the trail part, rode up to Trash Hill. The climb was ok, nothing groundbreaking. Came down and rode through the Forest Lawn to Olive. A lot of wind by the sports club, pretty tough spot. Rode down Olive to Riverside and to the Equestrian club. While riding by Pickwick Ice Center, a car turned left right in front of me, and I missed it by a couple inches despite all the braking! In fact, I hit the trail end of it with my right knuckles! I thought that the wrist would be broken, but nothing, not even a swelling! And the bastard did not even stop! Typical LA shithead driver. Wrapped up the ride and headed to work. Results here.

Today went for my last long run. 13 miles was on tap, and I decided to wimp out and run in on the track.Of course, it happened to be a hotter than usual day and I also happened to sleep in after playing poker with my neighbors  Started at 9:00am  and it was already plenty warm on the track. Was shooting to run about 7:30 min/mile, nothing too crazy. But the fatigue and congestion were still being felt. Ended up running 4 seconds slower than planned, but still a decent run. Results here. A long bike ride tomorrow, and after that I am starting to taper.

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