First swim of 2013

Got up at 5:45am, ate a clif bar with a banana, fed the kids and headed to the Van Nuys pool. Surprisingly there was no traffic at all on the way there! Not sure why, since it is almost always a battlefield in the morning. Was in the pool by 7am. It was pretty crowded, with a bunch of high school swimmer kids occupying 1/3 of the pool and the WH masters taking up another 4 lanes. But nonetheless found an open lane and jumped in.

I was fearing that I would be completely out of gas 15 minutes into it. However, strangely I just swam through a mile and then a little bit more... and noticed little fatigue. I did not want to do any drills on my first swim of the year, just needed to know whether I am even capable of swimming through a HIM distance. It appears that I am. Will do another swim on Saturday and then will start picking up workouts.

The drive to work was also quick, with some traffic near the Universal Studios, but otherwise all good. Got out the office at 6pm, got home, hung out with the kids and then headed to the track for the 2nd to last intervals workout before the marathon. It was a pretty straightforward set - 2 miles tempo, 2 x 800 cruising, 2x400 speed intervals. The track was pretty empty, I guess that most people are either done with their pre-marathon training or were scared away from a wet forecast. The 400s were pretty fun. I was surprised to see that I did both of them in under 5:50 min/mile. I remember that last week I struggling to run 800s at the SI speed below 6:09... hmmm.  Results here.

Tomorrow is probably going to be too wet to ride outside, so it will be an hour on the trainer.

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