Easy Thursday

Woke up at around 5am since I had to be in the South bay by 8:30am to attend a conference. Ate and drove to the gym in the Paramount lot. Had a quick work out, only upper body and midsection. I gotta start coming to the gym earlier - it's so nice and empty, and there is a weird frantic morning energy there.

After that spent an hour in traffic to get to Manhattan Beach, then another hour and a half to get back... the 405 is terrible. Don't know how people can take it daily. In the evening I headed to the track and ran 3 miles very slowly. Like 9:30min/mile slow. Actually, after the driving and the gym and the stupid droning conference I had little energy left, so this was fine. Also wanted to see how's the left knee was doing. It seemed to be fine. It was super sweltering, almost Florida like. Hopefully this will not be the Sunday weather. Results here.

Tomorrow I am resting. Will pick up the bib at lunch!

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