Commute day

It's so awesome that it doesn't get dark til 7pm or so now. This means that I can bike to work again! Which is what I did today. It saves me about $7 in gas and mileage so I can promptly spend it on food and beverage in the cafeteria :) The other goal was to ride at a higher than usual cadence to spin out before the long run on the weekend. My target was about 95 rpm average.

Left the house at around 8am. It was still a little cold, but nothing too bad. Since I have not ridden in traffic in  the Hollywood traffic for almost 5 months, took me a little while to get used to the subtle skill of keeping the side vision going at all times. The ride to work was pretty quiet with little traffic at all until I hit the Silver Lake.  Los Feliz was busy as usual and the Melrose Hill was packed with people trying to get out of their lanes.

On the way back, took the same route as I did not want to climb much. One was or the other you pick up about 700 feet of elevation on the way back as you ride back towards the hills. It was hot and the people were as always pissed off after the working day. But I made a good time (about 50 mins to get back). The 6th street in Burbank needs to be repaved though! The pavement is all effed up. Results here and here. Tomorrow I hit the gym for a light workout and then maybe a little run at night.

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