40 miler

Got up this morning to have the time leap forward by 1 hour. One more incentive to leave home early before it gets hot! Originally was going to go through Montrose and then pick up an extra 10 in the park, but then I got a better idea - why don't I try to simulate the Wildflower route. So the plan was to do a short, sharp climb in the beginning of the ride, then ride the flats for 20 miles or so, then do a monster climb and then do another short climb towards the end. Awright!

Rode down Kenneth to Olive and turned left up the hill. It was quite windy actually and the climb was a bit slower than usual. Once I crested, rode to Sonora and down to the LA River bike path. Now the wind was in my back and I got to hammer all the way to the 110. Some dude hung with me and was sucking on my wheel all the way to the turnaround. He actually passed me as I was slowing down near the turning point, and rode out back north... but then got off his bike and started walking :) I guess that riding 7 miles at about 22.5 mph got to him eventually.

On the way back I was facing the wind and the ride was tough. So I got to spin out a little and got my heartrate back down to 140. Rode back to Los Feliz and got ready to climb the Western Canyon route. There was surprisingly little traffic and got to the gate without having to dodge the usual minivans. Past the gate the wind was in my face again and the climb was tough. I ran out of the gears a couple of times. Finally got to the top, and stopped to down a few GU Chomps. It hit the spot and I rode down pretty quickly.

Back through the Forest Lawn to Olive route and then to Riverside. Stopped under the 134 bridge and some guys caught up with me. They rode pretty fast and I hung with them until Victory. After that it was a quick dash to the home base. Results here All in all 40 miles, and I felt a little tired. Probably the training yesterday still had me fatigued. Now I need to concentrate on resting for the next weekend. 

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