1 week til the marathon

Only 1 week to go. From the running perspective I am tapering off. But from the triathlon training perspective, I am in the middle of the 16 week training cycle! Go figure!

Yesterday, it poured all day. I was supposed to do a short morning ride, but the weather gods did not smile on me... and so  I ended up at the gym on a stationary bike. 50 minutes of rolling hills went by quickly, but it was a decent effort - 14.86 miles, 160 Watts average power. I'll take it. The rest of the day was spent working and looking at the marathon route, visualizing the elevations and the effort it'd require to complete it under 3:15. I am not sure if  I am quite there at the moment. The 2 colds I had this winter probably set me back in training... but I am hoping for the best.

This morning I went to the pool and did a 1500 yard workout. The core of it was 300 yards warm up, 3x300 yards intervals@race pace and 300 yards of cooling down. The 300 yards times were 5:00 min, 4:53 min and 5:15 min, with 30 seconds rest in between. I felt alright, not too heavily worked. After the cool down I did a few short laps with the kickboard, trying to keep up the pace with some of the better swimmers out there also working the kickboard. I actually had a bit of a breakthrough today - I've realized that I need to kick from underneath the hips and really make sure that the legs are near the surface. It makes a pretty dramatic difference.

Came back, drove kids to various activities, and then went out for a 5 mile run. Wanted to keep it as close to 7 min/mile as possible with the hills around my house. My usual 5 mile loop has about 300 feet of elevation so it is not a trivial exercise. Went out pretty strong and really hammered the slow descent to Alameda. Then ran up to Kenneth and started running as hard as I can back up the ascent. Kept the pace at 7:18 til I crested near Muir Middle School and then hammered the downhill. By the time I finished back near my house, I was close to 7:07 average pace. Now I felt worked! Results here.

Tomorrow will be the long ride on my roadie (the trike is still waiting on the new brake levers), and perhaps a slow run. After that, for the next week we have 2 swims, 1 short bike ride, 1 short intervals workout+plus some minor runs.... and that does it.

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