Windy Superbowl ride

Got up this morning and did not feel sore at all! You know what that means - a bike ride. Wife had some errands to run all morning, but she came back at around noon. I promised my son to watch the pre-game show, so I figured that I had about about 2 hours to ride.

Rode up Glenoaks to do my usual La Tuna loop. The wind was insane! I actually had to pedal up to Vineland in a small gear upfront! I don't remember it ever happening. La Tuna shielded me from the gusts somewhat, but still the climb was not easy. However coming down Honolulu was a blast with the wind in my back.

Once climbed the Hospital Hill I started to feel strong again and decided to ride up Highland and up through Linda Vista. Having gone the opposite way a few times, I never climbed up the switchback by the Art College. They are fun! The descent to Chevy Chase is much nicer this way, and a lot safer and definitely less technical.

On the way back I climbed the Glenoaks Terrace hill (steep, very steep, up to 11% grade in some spots). It went fine, I felt like I PR'ed there (nope, second best effort) and then I rode up Mountain and Kenneth until I hit a traffic jam near the Kenneth Village. Got up to Bel Aire and rode it all way down to Uclan. The wind was strong again, and climbing the small hill by Olive street was no easy task.

Got home and was ready to watch the 49ers lose! Results here.

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