The return

I came down with a flu last week. Last Thursday I felt bloody terrible, and stupidly went to work on Friday. Of course, by end of day Friday I was REALLY not feeling well. All in all did not get back into it until Tuesday night when I felt well enough to try a 8 mile run.

The 8 mile run was supposed to be "with hills" but I kind of knew that this would be a slugfest even on a flat surface, so I kept the hills to a minimum. I mean Burbank is naturally hilly, so in my mind my normal loop to Mountain and back would suffice. The evening was pretty warm so I felt good about trying to run.

The part that was actually downhill (ie to Sonora) sucked bad. I had no spring in my pace and every push felt like I was going running underwater. At some point I was seeing 8:20 min/mile on a downhill. In any case I made it to Mountain, and started running up the hill. Actually, suddenly I felt the energy returning and was able to climb pretty fast.

After that my leg muscles opened up and I actually ran ok, pretty close to my normal pace. By the time I got to Olive, I was moving... and all in all ran 8.5 miles at about 8:19 min/mile. Not too awesome, but ok for a gimpy training run with some hills.  Results here.

Took Wednesday off, and just did some basic strength exercises at home. Today decided to try my intervals workout at the gym on a dreadmill. Honestly, I see it as a bit of cheating, as you get some help from the belt, but this week I will take it. Did some warm up running and then did a set of 4 of cruising intervals 1 mile each at 6:30 min/mile. This was pretty challenging. I would walk for about 2 minutes between each. After that I did a set of 2 speed intervals at about 6:14 min/mile each. Ok, that hurt a LOT. I felt like it would have been easier without all the crap in my nose/throat/lungs, but who knows. It felt hard, and I was happy that this part of the workout was done with. Results here.

Tomorrow I am hoping to ride for 90 minutes and then do one more ride and a 14 mile run over the weekend. After that, the taper starts and I will start concentrating on swimming and cycling.

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