Still one day ahead

So continuing with the plan to skip a day ahead by a day... running 4 miles today at lunch. The weather was perfect - probably about 67 F, overcast, no wind. Did my usual loop around the Larchmont area, down to the 3rd street and back up Van Ness.

I was not sure how I would fee after having done 2x4 miles last night. Surprisingly, I felt quite good and had a nice light feeling to my pace. Probably could have pushed the pace a little higher, but honestly a lunch time run is not going to break any records. I enjoy being outside in the middle of the work day - and being able to run is just a nice bonus.

Did the planned 4 miles - results here. Walked/jogged for a little bit and then did the strides. That's when the fatigue hit me. The strides were way more painful than the run itself - see here. After work, hit the gym for 40 minutes and worked the upper body and the core a little. Mainly free weights this time, but some core work as well. All in all - a very productive day!

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