Speedwork night

Was feeling pretty beat still by the end of the day. The morning started alright, except for stress at work, but towards the evening the legs started to ache. Was hoping to leave the office earlier on the account of the V-Day, but the powers that be did not allow it to happen.

Got to the track at around 7pm. The hip flexors were throbbing, and at that point I was not even sure if I could complete the workout. Warmed up for 2 laps and then got to it. Noticed that the usual group of runners were absent - I guess that V-Day is important for the single people, LOL. Pussies! Hope this missed work out does not come back to haunt them.

The first 3 miles at GP were a little bit of a struggle. The legs were not feeling strong. I was the only runner trying to do some speedwork, and the track while not being crowded, featured the usual mix of the local guys insisting on running in small pack in the fast lane going no more than 10 min/mile. A couple of them would randomly stop to do odd exercises - like  attempt hand stands in the middle of the lane, or do alternating windmills.

By the time I got to doing 800s, the legs suddenly snapped out of funk, and I was able to maintain a fairly effortless set. Averaged 6:25 min/mile. Took a couple of minutes to rest after running the last 800, and then got to do a tempo 3 mile run. I was expecting fatigue to really kick in and but surprisingly I breezed through the whole thing and easily kept it under 6:56 min/mile. Results here.

Did not do a warm down - wanted to get home and spend time with the missus. After all, I owe her a dinner now.

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