Saturday ride

After 2 days of inactivity - back in the saddle again, lol. Wanted to concentrate on riding the flats and then transition to a more hilly landscape. River bikepath and the Trash hill NB and SB are perfect!  I made sure to replace the Reynolds skewers with the Mavic ones since the Monday ride clearly showed that they do not clamp the wheels tightly enough. This time no issues with the brake rubbing or the wheels being wobbly.

It was cold and windy on the path. I went without the arm warmers or gloves and the first few miles were trying. The path was pretty crowded until I hit Fletcher. After that it was a smooth sailing and almost no one out there. I was spinning pretty good on the downhill portion of path even though the wind was changing direction every 5 seconds and most of the time I was fighting a pretty strong crosswind.

On the way back I caught up with some guy who was also riding aero. For a while we were trading spots and then he turned off at Fletcher. I rode the rest of the way with the wind again alternating between being in my back or blowing across. Got off at the zoo exit, and rode up to Los Feliz and back. Then up the Trash Hill. Climbing felt a little stiff for some reason. Got to the top and did a loop through Forest Lawn to Olive.

Came back up Victory and did another pass at the Trash Hill. Not the best climbing effort again, as I need to get used again to climbing on the tri bike. On the way back through the golf course the wind was in my back and I was hitting 26-27 mph! Overall, I was happy with the second ride of the year on the tri bike. I had no trouble staying in aero, no aching in the shoulders, even cornering felt smooth. Results here. Tomorrow running a 10K in the morning!

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