Monday is the new Tuesday

So it's finally February again, and it is time to break out my tri bike (i.e. trike). Have not ridden it since last September.  I am in a pretty good cycling shape since I've been getting on my roadie at least once a week. This morning I am working from home which means that I can get out of bed at 6:30am and still do a morning ride.

I get on the LA River trail and get in my awesome aero position and start spinning. The thing is that I can't go faster than 15 mph for the life of me. On a flat. Spinning all out, with quads starting to burn.  I check my position - all good. I restart my Garmin. Same deal. WTF? Finally I notice a weird grinding noise. I am thinking - damn, the chain must be rusted through. I get off the bike - nope, the chain is all good. Comes to think about it I cleaned it and greased it around the Xmas break. I check on the cassette - and I notice that the rear wheel is barely spinning. Duh!  Both wheels were rubbing the brakes. Hard. I could not even touch the front rim. I must have forgotten to align the training wheels after I took my racing wheelset off in September.

I was flying again after fixing the brake rub. Man, did it feel awesome! Welcome to the 2013 tri season! Rode up to Elysian fields and back, and then to Los Feliz and back doing the intervals of 2 miles hard/1 mile easy. Felt pretty good all in all, but I got to put the Mavic skewers back in as those Reynolds ones feel kind of mushy. Results here.

Ok, so after all work stuff is done and I finish driving my son to his appointment, I get back home and look at the schedule. Hmmm, 2x4 miles tempo tomorrow. Why not today? Get to the track, and it is nice and open. The warm up is a little painful, but after 3 strides I feel the muscles relax and I am ready. First 4 miles all easy and pushing hard at all. 4 minute break and then 4 more miles. Towards the last mile I am starting to feel it a little in the right buttock. The tightness I get when I am getting tired. But all in all, a good run and a 6:55 min/mile average. Yay headstart for the week! Results here.

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