Long ride on the trike

Finally felt rested enough after the killer long run on Saturday. Yesterday, finally redeemed my old Groupon at a LBS in Topanga, and got a water bottle rack that attaches behind the seat. Gotta test ride the bike after such a major addition! The weather was perfect, and I had no time restrictions today either!

Rode north on Glenoaks, and up La Tuna. Been a while since took my P3 up that hill. I was surprised to see that it actually climbed almost as well the Time bike. I somehow was under impression that the weight of the frame was a major limiting factor... but somehow the results were sort of middling, and definitely the best I ever logged on the P3. The wind was pretty strong again, so that was a bit of a limiting factor.

Came down Honolulu and the descent was fast and fun despite the wind blowing sort of across my way. Traffic was pretty light and I got to Montrose pretty quickly. Had to stop at a Starbucks for a quick leak, and then was to the Hospital Hill. The climb was actually very quick (turned out to be a PR) and then I was off to the Highlands via Chevy Chase. Came down Highland drive to Linda Vista and climbed back up and down to Chevy Chase. Again, the bike was climbing like a champ, and I was handling the descent pretty well.

Skipped the Glenoaks terrace this time, as I did not want to overdo the first climbing ride of 2013 on the trike. Rode down Glenoaks and turned off on Sonora to get to Griffiths. The Zoo entrance was super crowded, to the point of being dangerous as people were trying to get into the closed entrances of the full parking lots. Did the Trash Hill and came down the Forest Lawn drive way to Olive and then back up Hollywood way. It was a bit of an adventure, but at the end it was a fun ride, and a good drill on riding as close to the parked cars as possible.

The descent on Glenoaks from Buena Vista is always a screamer! I just love it so much, and no matter how tired I am towards the end of the ride, this is something that I always look forward to. Ok, results here - and I am off to the last "hard" week of the marathon training.

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