Combo day

Got up at 6:00am and got ready for a short bike ride this morning. It was bitterly cold outside, and I waited til 6:50am to leave. Finally rolled out - it was a crisp 44 F. With some wind! Got to Griffiths park, bundled up and got going.

The wind was just bitterly cold, and I had a hard time keeping hands on the aerobars from seizing. Had to stop actually a couple of times and use my armpits as arm warmers! Things got a little better after I got to the end of the River path. But the wind on the way back changed direction, and no matter where I turned I felt like I was riding into the gusts. Really sucked. It kind of eased off after I crossed Los Feliz, but still it was not an easy going.

Got off the bike path and climbed the Trash Hill. It actually warmed up enough for me to take off the windbreaker. After I descended, checked the clock and it was already 8:20am... had to head to work. Cut back to the parking lot. Was bummed that I did not get to ride more since it finally warmed up. But it is what it is - results here.

At lunch headed out to run. Did my usual 4 mile loop through Hancock Park. It was actually really warm, almost hot even! Felt like summer. I was expecting some sluggishness after the 10 miler on Tuesday/ride this morning, but no such thing - the pace felt strong and I actually PR'ed on this course. Did 6x100 strides afterwards on  the lot. One of the union guys asked me if I was training for the LA Marathon... told him yes - and he remarked that it's a lot of work! No shit. Ok, results here and here

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