Big difference

What a difference can a week make! Last week, I had the second most miserable run of my life, with the only worse one being the cursed Wildflower run last year. I guess that I have finally got over the nasty cold I had last week - I felt energetic and bouncy even this morning.

Slept in a little later than usual, got out of bed at 8:15am. Had a PB&J sandwich with a banana and was out of the door since the wife had to leave at 10 to noon. Decided to run the same track as last week, but with the extra 3 miles added at the end of the route. The run to Sonora was nice and easy, but when I got to Crystal Springs I started having a little bit of GI discomfort. Had to make a pit stop, and continued on the back trail towards Los Feliz. Stopped at the restroom by the pony rides to wash my hands and ran back towards Victory.

The pace was pretty good, close to 7:57 min/mile. I typically do not push it below 7:55 min/mile unless I am on a track. On the way back I started to feel a little dehydrated and took 2 salt tabs. That took care of the matters for a while. Got to the 6th street and started climbing back up. The left knee was a little sore for a little bit but that went away. Had a Stinger Waffle and some GU drops after I crossed Verdugo.

When I crested at Harvard, the average pace was at 7:59 and I felt quite good. Sprinted down to Eton and started climbing again up to Glenoaks. Afer that there was a little bit more climbing to do to get to Woodbury. After that it was a short sprint back home.

I got home just in time only to find out that the wife already left for her appointment and took the kids with her. Seriously - had I known I'd have run 2 more miles! But once I got home I could not talk myself into going out there again, so I called it a day and took the pointer to the dog park instead. Yay Saturday! Results here.

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