The day got started by all 4 of us driving to Santa Monica to take part in the Live Ultimate race. I signed up for the 10k, Max was running the 5K, and wife and Alissa signed up to take picture and carry the backpack with our spare clothes. As it turned out the wife was not a fan of having to lug a "heavy" backpack to the finish line (it was a point to point race) - the finish was about a mile from the starting point. I got a stinkeye from the spouse and she also decided to lighten up the load by leaving my pants and my jacket in the car. My team buddy Brad there too with his daughter to run the 10k together - his wife took the picture of all 4 of us.

In any case, the race finally got under way at 8:30am. I decided to try to maintain a 6:45 min/mile pace until we hit the turnaround point on 11th and San Vincente and then sprint to the finish as it would be all downhill from that point. Everything worked out exactly as I planned. The funny part is that around the 3 mile mark I just caught by what turned out to be the top female in the race. She drafted off of me for a while and then she  mounted a pretty strong attempt to pull away near the 5.75 mile mark. She probably burned her last match at that point - she suddenly slumped and I blasted past her at around the 6 mile marker.

Got to say that the course was very cool and the weather was cooperating, except for the wind when we were running northbound on Ocean Ave.The only gripe that I had was the weird positioning of the water stations. Technically, there was a water station at around the 2.5 mile but it was setup to serve the 5k runner who were like 0.5 mile away from the finish. The 10k did not get a real water station til the turnaround which was the end of the 4th mile. I thought that it was a little too sparse for most people. The kids manning the water stations were a little under-trained to say the least too.

The last 0.5 miles were total chaos since the faster 10k people were essentially merging with the slower end of the 5k race and people were walking/jogging/crossing at will with no traffic control whatsoever. I had to dodge a few pairs of hefty babes that were obstructing about 80% of the available space. In any case, I finished 19th overall with the gun time of 41:16.8. Not too bad for the first 10k. Max finished 4th in his age group and was seriously bummed since he did not realize that he was competing in the 11-14 group now. He was also 10 seconds slower than his fastest time from last year which is understandable - he was down with the flu most of late January and had no time to train. My results here. The pic is of me being fussy about having to wear my wife jacket after the race - it barely fit me! Wife was not happy that she had to give it up!

So we got home after stopover at my cousin's place where we had some coffee and bagels. I was faced with a choice of either running 10 miles early morning tomorrow or getting it over with today and having a full day of rest today.  I was plenty tired and it took some convincing to talk myself into going out there. I was a little nauseous from having eaten post race food, and bagels and having loaded up on coffee. The first 2 miles were basically attempts not to puke. 

After I crossed Olive, things got better and I progressed to Pacific without any adverse effects. I was not trying to break any records, but keep the pace at around 8:10 min/mile. Ran back up Kenneth and was hoping that I could hit a portapotty by Verdugo... bummer as the construction guys were in front of the house. Had to hold my waters til I get home. After I crested at Scott road, I ran down through Keystone and sprinted to the home stretch. Yay! All done and the pace worked out to about 8:05 min/mile, perfect for a training run. Results here. Tomorrow I get to rest!

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