4 weeks to go

So 4 weeks to go to LA Marathon. This is the first week where the mileage is getting reduced. I have 1 more long run to go this weekend and 2 medium runs to do (8-10 and 13 miles next week). After that - it is going to be a more traditional triathlon training, with swimming at least 2 times a week, and cycling 3 times a week. But today I had my 8-10 mile run with at least a mile of the total uphill time.

The weather was getting pretty bad, and it looked like it might start raining any moment. I was expecting some sluggishness after a hard bike ride yesterday, but to the contrary I started off at a pretty good clip, and pretty much kept the pace throughout the entire run. Ran up to Los Feliz and then turned around and ran towards the golf course. Up the Trash Hill and down to the Travel Town. It was actually pretty warm when I started, but when I crested near the top of the hill, a REALLY cold wind started blowing all of a sudden. Yikes!

Ran down the hill, and got onto the back trail as soon as possible as it is pretty nicely shielded from the wind. The rain was getting going slowly too, and the runners out on the trail were clearly trying to wrap up their exercise as quickly as possibly. I had to do a little extra 1/2 "bonus" loop since the total mileage was coming in at 7.9 miles... got to the car, changed quickly and drove off.  Results here. Hopefully, no rain tomorrow and getting warmer towards the weekend. Oh and by the way I PR'ed on this course! Feeling stronger.

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