4 miles

This weather is just messing with my mind and my health! This morning I woke up with a distinct feeling of having another head cold setting in. God f..cking dammit! Will this winter ever end? This said, today was going to be an easy day and head cold or not, the neck rule said that a moderate exercise is fine. With that in mind, the plan was to run 4 at lunch at around 7:20 min/mile and then hit the gym for some upper body work.

The 11am meeting ran over as it always happens, and people just bickered about non-consequential stuff with the utmost dedication. I slipped out of the room at 12:10, changed and headed out there as quick as I could. The sun was out but the wind was piercing cold, and gusty too. I was glad I brought an base layer with me.

Ran my usual lunch 4 mile route. The weather was pretty nice overall despite the chilly wind. I definitely felt the cold a bit, the muscles were sorer than usual and I had to hydrate every mile or so. Even with that, I don't think that I would have been able to get close to 7:10 or so. I did have a pretty run up the slow rolling incline on Van Ness on the way back. Got back to the lot and did some strides. I can always tell when I am 100% or not - it is the strides where you fall apart if you have a fatigue from the prior exercise or a cold/etc.  Nothing to write home about here and here.

Hit the gym in the evening and actually had a good workout. Did a circuit first in the TRX room (4 exercised with 3x30 sec sets), then moved on the weights. Did some bench presses, curls, etc. Felt pretty good - I have been able to add 2.5 to 5 lbs of weight to some of the exercises I do over the winter. Next week I am getting back into the pool - hopefully the muscle mass will make some difference!

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