21 miles of suck

So the plan was to leave the house at 8am, after my son was done with his track practice. But the powers that be argued that I had been neglecting my parental duties, and the only way to redeem myself was to let me better half go swim for 2 hours. The I'd be free to go pound the pavement. In any case, 2 hours turned into 3 or 3.5 (yes, Sublime would be proud), and then it was determined that I had to run a small errand... all in all I left at 12:20. It was almost 82 F by that time.

As it was proven with the last year's Wildflower training, a lack of adjustment to heat results in walking... and other fun stuff. This run was no different, of course. Firstly, noon is my lunch time, and my body is simply not used to being asked to run for 3 hours.  Now, a short run is doable, and it's been done a number of times... but I was in an uncharted territory.

The run to Los Feliz was ok. Not a great time, but a decent run. I felt a little fatigued still after the Thursday workout, but it was manageable. The part of running to Crystal Springs was where I started to feel the heat. The dusty, hot trail was definitely starting to slow me down a little. The Forest Lawn part of the route was hot, with the heat radiating off the pavement. There is a little climb back to Olive - this is where I started to run out of liquids, and generally slow down.

I stopped at a gas station behind the Cabo restaurant and picked up a bottle of water/gatorade and a Pepsi. I really wanted a soda and I knew that a bonk was right around the corner... this urge does not come for nothing. Refilled my water bottles, and sprayed the remainder of the water bottle on my neck and head. Felt good! Had maybe a quarter can of Pepsi, and it gave me a boost.

But after 4 or 5 miles I paid the price for drinking that soda can. I was so thirsty, that warm-ish gatorade mix was just not cutting it anymore. I had to stop again and buy another small water bottle. Downed maybe a half  of it and poured the rest on me. I was about to start the climb on the 6th, and this kind of helped, but after a mile this was basically a death march again.

I finished the run, and it turned out that I messed up on the map - it was a mile short of the 22 mile goal. I didn't care at that point. Got home, had 4 or 5 glasses of water and some Recoverite. Went to the back of the house and put the feet into the pool. Ice water felt great! Not happy with this run. I sweated profusely as it turns out, the running top was caked with salty sweat. Salt tabs were not as effective as the Hammer products, I should probably switch back. Results here.

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