10 miles

After taking yesterday completely off, got back on the trail today. Got to Griffith Park at around 8am after dropping my kids at school. Had no meetings scheduled til 10am, so a 10 miler was on. It was pretty chilly, especially in the shade - the car thermometer was reading 36 F. No wind thankfully!

I was expecting some soreness to linger after the heavy duty Sunday, but surprisingly the pace was pretty good, and I did not even have to watch the Garmin readings all that much. Ran up to Los Feliz and then back to Crystal Springs. Ran up the Trash Hill past the golf course, saw a couple of coyotes en route but otherwise it was pretty deserted. The climb was a little hard on the quads, started feeling the fatigue from the 10k I guess. Nonetheless, climbed fairly well and then really tore it up on the downhill. Looking at Strava records, this was my second best time climbing that segment.

Came down to Travel Town and then ran back to the Western Heritage museum. Turned around, and sprinted to the parking lot. All in all, the pace was good, close to 7:55 min/mile, which is nice given the elevation gain. When I finished the run, it suddenly got warm and sunny... and the last thing I wanted to do was to go to the office. But oh well!  Results here.

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