Wednesday track is quite alright

Since I have to be on the UCLA Campus tomorrow night, the track night got moved to today. The work was as crazy as it gets, and I was very glad to be able to leave and blow off some steam doing the intervals.

Wednesday night seems to unpopular with the usual crowd of hardcore runners that do Thursday night workouts. I was pretty much the only person on the track tearing it up. I was also happy to note that my cold is gone, and I am almost at 95% speedwise.

The first 3 miles went by quickly and I barely even looked at the watch. Maintained about 7:17 min/mile and did not feel too worked. The 800s were somewhat harder this time, probably due to a bit of lingering dehydration. Still maintained the target pretty nicely, at about 6:28 average. The last 3 miles blew by quick again, and I was close to 6:50 min/mile until the last 0.1 miles where I started jogging since I was beating my target time to almost 30 seconds.

Overall, a great workout and it is getting warmer again. Yay to warmer nights! Results here.

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