The morning weather was anything but promising. Rain everywhere, a wall of water coming from the sky. Even the dog did not want to go out there. Apple stock took a dive to the tune of 11%. I braced myself for another dreadmill session. However, by the afternoon the weather turned around and it was suddenly dry and rather warm. Left the office at around 6:40pm and headed for the track. Yay!

The usual crowd for the Thursday night. A mix of fast kids eyeing the girls soccer team, age groupers doing the intervals and Armenians gents walking around in track suits, always in the fast lane. Did my warm up routine and was off to the races. The first 3 miles were a little uneven, mainly due to not being able to find someone who'd be running consistently at my pace - either the age groupers zipping around near 6:45 min/mile or someone running a bit slower.

The 4x800s went well. I was able to maintain closer to 6:25 min/mile average and it did not feel like hard work. Age groupers were by now winding down, so I was mainly having the fast lane to myself. Had to take one layer of clothing off after the 800s - it was that warm. Yay warm winters!

The last 3 miles at 7:00 min/mile went ok. Just kind of cruised, without making a conscious effort, which was nice. The throat was feeling kinda funny, and I was sort of hoping that it is not another bout of the stupid head cold that's been going around. In fact, it is still a little scratchy... crap. Oh well. Results here. Hoping to get some cycling done too around the weekend!

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