Time in the saddle

Took Friday off completely, and was trying to take it easy today as well as I have a 1/2 marathon coming up tomorrow. However, needed to get some time in the saddle. Decided to avoid doing any significant climbs, and stick to the flats.
Rode to the Griffiths Park, and then took the LA River bike path to the 110 freeway and back. It was pretty windy and the bike path was plenty crowded. I maintained the cadence in the mid 80s and mainly spun. On the way back rode the Forest Lawn to Olive and back through Riverside. It was nice and empty, a very tranquil sensation.
Back up Kenneth. For some reason, lots of traffic was present, had to dodge a few overeager trucks. Got home, had a Recoverite. Results here. Now time to watch the NFL playoffs!

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