Somehow the Wednesday run resulted in some fairly annoying head cold. Friday was marred by the sore throat, and today I am still having some nasal congestion. It is fairly breezy outside, with the temps in the mid-50s. I was hoping to get a bike ride in, but instead decided to limit my outdoorsy exposure to about 1 hour. That means a short easy run.

Decided to run a loop to the Yahoo building and back. Started at around 1pm to have the temps closer to the daily highs. It was still a little chilly in the shade, but once you get into the sunnier spot the weather felt awesome. The wind is usually pretty strong near the airport, but this time it was mild and made running a lot more enjoyable. On the bike though I'd imagine that I'd be seriously cold.

Altogether the run was about 5.6 miles and took close to 50 mins. I felt very good, and neither the left ankle nor the right hip gave me any problems. Results here. Ready for a 16 mile run tomorrow!

P.S. I enjoyed watching Ted. If course it'd been tons better without a stupid, predictable, big studio budget ending, but the comic effort that went into making this movie was as good as any of the top Family Guy episodes. The humour was of course completely irreverent and biting, but anything less would have been a big let down.

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