Went to a metal show at the Anahem Grove yesterday. Was actually debating whether to even go in the first place since I was beat from a bike ride, felt like I was getting sick again, etc... but an old buddy was in town for the NAMM and I wanted to catch up with him. In any case, waiting outside the club, I saw a van parked by the curbside with the license plate that read PITDFUL. Took me a little while to decipher it, but eventually I got it - pity the fool. Did not realize how prophetic this little licence plate was.

So we're having a birthday party today for my daughter, kids are supposed to show up at 11am, jump house is supposed to get installed at 10am, and I have a 20 mile run on the schedule. I got home fairly late from the show, but still got up at 5am hoping to get my run in before the house turns into a zoo. But what do you know - it is pissing rain, and pretty hard. I went back to bed, and then got up at 7am. Still raining, but not as hard... I almost pulled the trigger, but the wife was already up and had a list of chore for me to do in preparation for the party.

The party went great, my kids were running around and then settled down playing Minecraft. We stupidly ordered a ridiculous 36" pizza (that's the circumference of it, wtf).

I had 4 slices and a cookie, and a soda... you get the drift. On top of it, I lost my voice hanging out in a rather loud club, and felt pretty much like I was on a threshold of getting sick... Decided to take a 30 min power nap, and then see if I can go. Woke up and felt pretty fresh actually. Headed out of the door in a windbreaker and 2 layers of clothing.

It started raining HARD after like 0.5 miles! I almost turned around but then pushed on. It rained all the way til I hit Sonora and then suddenly stopped and I picked up some warm wind. Ran all the way to Los Feliz, stopped to pee twice though which is not a good sign. Ran back and by the time I got back to Crystal Springs I could only muster 8:30 min miles or worse. I could not tell whether I was just mildly feverish or just cold from the rain, or was plain sore from the bike ride the day before and no rest at all since then.

When I got back to Victory it started pouring again... HARD. In fact, I ran to Sonora in almost zero visibility, and managed to hit 2 major puddles. My quads were starting to pulsate a little, and I was pretty sure that it was fatigue rather than dehydration ( I was taking salt tabs every 5 miles). The rain was getting worse and the wind was picking up too. At Victory I was supposed to turn right and go all the way to Mountain to pick up 4 miles (it is exactly 15.5 miles from my house to Los Feliz and back). But with the conditions and all, I wimped out and headed up Sonora to the 6th. Main driver for this was the fact that I was starting to shiver. I was soaking wet, except for the torso covered well by the windbreaker.

Running up the 6th was like a death march, I was almost walking in some spots... finally crested at Harvard but even running down I could not sprint. So weird. Got home and had to shower for 20 minutes to stop the shivering. Had some potatoes and chicken and a little bit of a cookie left from the party. Took the temperature and it was 98 degrees. I guess that it just a plain old mild hypothermia from the rain and wind. Pity the fool - my results here.

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  1. Good job, you did it. I volunteered for the Rose Bowl 1/2 marathon. Was standing around at an aid station for about 4+ hours. I had to do an 11 mile run sometime. I rested a little and watch the Lakers. When the game ended, I put on my stuff and split. I did 11 miles in 1:38 (9 min per). I really didnt feel like running but did..it also ran too on my run.