Off to a good start in 2013

Woke up without any hangover to speak of. Awesome! Wife and kids initially wanted to go to the beach, but then once they realized that it is going to be in the mid-50s in Santa Monica, they settled on the couches and proceeded to watch the Rose Parade.

I had a 11 mile with 10 minutes total uphill time on tap for Tuesday. However, my son wanted to do another training run for 5k, so I've decided to do an 8 miler with hills, and then come back and pick him for the last 3 miles.

It was a gorgeous day for running. Clear, cool and the streets were nearly empty. I run up to the Starlight Bowl and then down to Alameda, and encountered 4-5 people tops - most of them were out running like me. I logged a good time on the Walnut Dr run, but was a little slower on the actual trash truck climb - had to run against the traffic since the gates were left open. Results here.

Came back home and picked up max. He was excited about his recent sub 26 min 5k run, and wanted to see if he can push beyond 8:30 min/mile. We set out on the loop to Cabrini and back, and sure enough ended up with 8:27 min/mile. It was a nice way for me to cool down and just work on my running form. Results here.

Now off to Tommy's for burgers and chili!

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