Night run

Lots of stuff going on at home and work. Was originally intending to run in the morning, but was still a little sluggish after the 1/2 on Sunday. Hoped to get out of the office by 5:30pm, but no such luck. Decided to pick up the kids after ballet and then go. All in all, left the house by 8pm. Hate starting that late.

It was starting to get cold. Saw a few runners on the way, but overall the streets were empty. Ran all the way to Pacific, climbed back to Kenneth Village, ran up to Mountain St and then down to 6th. Felt pretty slow coming down, and the quads were still sore from the 1/2. Decided not to push it, especially with the hands and ears starting to feel the bite of the cold air. On the way back, decided to add a couple more uphill minutes and climbed to Muir Middle School.

From there coasted home. Thankfully the wife was still awake to let me in. Brown rice and meatballs after the run - yum! Results here.

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