MLK compression

No, it is not what you think it is... we went out of town for the MLK weekend, effectively forcing me to re-arrange my neatly stacked training schedule. The family and I drove to Oceanside, CA on Saturday, leaving too early for me to squeeze in a quick a run. Thus Saturday became Sunday, Sunday became Monday... and I think that I am going to have to forgo Tuesday's speedwork to get regular again :).

So on Sunday morning I did my easy run around Oceanside. A pretty cool place to run, but obviously tons better for cycling. Every major route seems to have a bike lane. Anyhow, did a slightly faster than normal run, clocking closer to 8:09 min/miles. The weird part that I did not know at that time was that it'd make my poor Garmin choke, probably due to the confusion with the satellite position. Apparently, it decided that I started in LA and ran all the way to Oceanside, burning about 165K calories in the process. Results here.

The rest of the day was spent walking around the San Diego zoo, where we saw awesome pandas and humping turtles and sleepy snow leopards and impossibly large hippos and two headed snakes... an impressive zoo to say the least. Then we played ball at beach during and after the NFL division finals... must have been like 30K steps in total.

On Monday we went for a walk on beach and headed back to LA. Got unpacked and I went for my long run in Griffiths park. I've decided to add some hills to the 18 mile scheduled run, cutting short by a mile, but throwing in about 800 feet of climbing to compensate. The weather was downright summer hot when I started. I could not believe how surreal this felt in January. Had to run without my Garmin that refused to turn on properly after the mess up with the satellites. Most of the run I was figuring out how to fix it, and was sort of looking forward to having an excuse to finally buy a 910xt. Finished the run (the last 2 miles were killer, the massive downhills were killing my quads), got home and after searching on the web the 305 came back to life. Oh well, I would have missed you an old friend! Results here.


  1. Good job on your training...I am on BT as BAD91. Just saw your link to your blog and we leave pretty close to each real close, few blocks away. I am also a big races next year are O'side, Wildflower, Vineman and IM Arizona. You are much faster than i am...maybe we'll run into each other. I am with California Triathlon Club and belong to Volt Multisport. I m sure we'll run into each other. Brent

  2. Hey Brent - nice to hear from you. I am also doing Wildflower and IMAZ, and a few things in between. Ping me on BT - perhaps we could do a ride together or something.