Grim and frostbitten long run

I guess that it is a bad sign when you have to scrape the ice from the windshield of your car before departing for the long run? 

I underestimated the dehydration from the head cold and the fatigue from the Camarillo half last week. The freezing temps were not helping either. I started at around 8:30am in Griffiths Park. Wanted to run the trails starting the Travel Town and hitting Los Feliz. That meant 2 loops and perhaps an extra mile as an added bonus.

Started out well, but my face and hands were burning from the frosty air. I felt alright, but the nasal congestion was weighing in and I would feel nauseous if I went over 7:30 min/mile. The small but sharp hills at the end were not easy to scale either. I had a feeling that this would be a slower run.... After 8 miles, I started to feel little cramps in muscles and just had to run slower and slower until I was jogging by the time I got to mile 14. Ugly. Results here.

Hope to rest up and bounce back next week!

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