Dreadmill to the rescue

The weather managed to turn both cold and very windy. On top of that I think I am having a head cold or something appropriate for the season. So today's speed work was performed indoors.

Actually, it was pretty nice. I had my footpod calibrated just right last week, so it was capturing my pace accurately. Did 3 miles at about 7:20 min/mile, walked for 90 seconds. After did 3 sets of 800 meter sprints at 6:30 min/mile with 90 second walks between them. Lastly, 3 miles at about 6:56 min/mile as I was watching the UFC top 40 highlights of 2012 on ESPN. Not sure why these were the highlights - more of them, some fights ending up quickly, some ending up as drawn out bloody messes. Don't get the appeal of this.

Took a hot shower after the run and headed home. Going to stretch, roll on a foam roller, and attempt to watch "Ted". My gut feeling is that it is going to suck hard.

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