Cold track, cold night

Track day! Nothing can be more exciting any given Thursday, especially when you get to start with the temps in the low 50's and finish up with the thermometer reading nice and crispy 42 F. Anyhow, the schedule for today called for:

  • 3 miles goal pace (7:22 m/m in my case)
  • 4 repeats of 800 meters at 6:30 m/m
  • 3 miles at tempo pace (7:00 m/m)
Oh boy! The track was pretty empty, which was both good and bad. There's usually a group of runners doing the intervals on Thursday, and I oftentimes get to draft off their faster runners when I need a speed boost. This time it was all solo, hefty locals notwithstanding.

The first 3 miles were kind of hard. I had to get the heart rate going, and it was not easy. The second mile was pretty fast and I got to slack off a little in the end to keep the average slightly below 7:22. The left ankle was a little sore, but loosened up after mile 2.

The repeats went well, 6:30 is a pretty leisurely pace. Even so, the last set was getting tougher, and I had to sprint the last 300 meters or so to keep the average at 6:30. 

The last 3 miles at tempo were definitely challenging. I had no one to chase, and mile 2 was run at a very uneven pace, since I would drift off and drop into 7:30s and then I would catch up. By the time the last 800 meters rolled in, I was 3 seconds below the target pace, and had to hammer again. Got under 7:00 m/m average for the tempo lap, and was happy it was over. All in all, results here.

Never ever before had I wanted to pee so bad! The bathrooms were locked of course. Good thinking there, BUSD!

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