Climbing around Griffiths

The rain thankfully stopped around 4am this morning. It was still wet as hell though outside when we got up. Did some stuff around the house, moved the kayaks in the garage, ran a few errands and after that finally got to ride a little!

Went out to Griffths park and rode the Trash Truck hill back and forth, without going out to Los Feliz. The chest felt a little congested still, and I did not press the first climb too hard. The second climb felt more natural. The sun was beating down pretty hard - I was starting to consider taking the base layer off.

After that rode out to Los Feliz and climbed to the bear statue by the Western Canyon. Rode up to the stop and then turned onto Mt Hollywood Dr, or the crappiest pavement known to man. It was still pretty sandy after the night rain, so I had to be careful with navigation. Also the temperature at the top was pretty low, so it's a good thing that I had the base layer on. Came down the windy road, and did some spinning on Forest Lawn.

After that headed back up Hollywood way. It was pretty heavy with traffic for Saturday. After getting to Glenoaks had a Stinger Waffle and wanted to see if I have it for the Lamer climb... not really. Climbed up Keystone and turned off on Lamer. Could not see myself doing 4-5 blocks of 11% grade. Got home and now planning a tactical nap! Results here.

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