Back to the track

Finally warm enough to run the track! And next to no wind too! Thank you, the gods of running, I've had more than enough of the treadmill for now.

Started at around 6:20pm, warmed up for 0.75 miles and did some strides. Felt pretty solid, and got started on the first 3 miles at the goal pace. After the first mile, I started feeling the groove and easily maintained 7:13 min/mile for the rest of the interval. Did not even have to stop for a drink. I am that good.

4x800 part was done with some other usual Thursday night track characters showing up finally, so I had some people to chase/run away from. Did all 4 runs while listening to ImpNaz, their brilliant "Motorpenis" EP is perfect for short, violent intervals.

The last 3 miles were almost too easy, I felt the surging energy and could have probably maintained 6:45 min/mile, but wanted to be gentle on the ankle. No need to torque it up after excessive track running of 2012. It has been cooperating lately and let's keep it this way.

Did a couple of laps for the cooldown, using it as an opportunity to practice controlled midfoot striking. Results here. I am feeling pumped about week 8 being the mid-point in my training.

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