Back in the saddle

Tuesday was my day off, but since I have not been to gym at all this week... it was time to head there. Spent about an hour during lunch time. Mainly worked on the upper body - curls, side and lateral pulls, bench presses. Also did a little bit of core exercise - planks, side stands (one arm and leg). Free weights section was crowded again, and the TRX studio was even more crowded. Yikes.

Today was a long day. In the morning, hit the gym and did a sustained climb on a stationary bike. Set the intensity to 12 (about a mid setting, goes up to 30 I think). The climbing gets broken up into 3:45 min intervals, and the first 8 are steady increases in power by 8 watts - so the top climb is done at 209 watts. Did not feel easy at all, but I got to spin out nicely in the lead up intervals. The stationary bike even has a setup for an aero position. Not bad. 12.18 miles in 45 minutes, 500 or calories burned.

After work went for a run. Normally, Wednesday is a recovery run, but since I skipped the speedwork on Tuesday I have decided to do a sustained 4 mile run keeping a 10K pace or slightly below that. Of course, I cannot run that fast at night - somehow my body slows down in the darkness. The weather was awesome though - pre-rain night wind, warm yet dry air. Did my usual 4 mile loop running up to the airport and back. Results here. After that did a set of 6x100 strides which was a little challenging after a sub 29 min 4 miler. Time to roll it out!

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