4 miles with strides

Was going to do a run on the trails in the morning, but life interfered. I headed out at lunch to the dreadmill.

Thankfully, the place was half empty, and I had a good 4 mile workout. Started out easy at 7:53 min/mile for the first 2 miles, then the 3rd mile was 7:30, and the last mile at 7:00. Got my heartrate going pretty good once it was over. Results here. Ran without an ankle brace and it felt fine.

After that stepped out of the gym, and did 6 strides (100 meters each) keeping the acceleration/pace/declaration steady. The lot was pretty empty, so I did not have to dodge trucks and gold carts. Tweaked the left knee a little in the middle of the set, but it went away by time I was done.

 The rest of the day was uneventful with work stuff. 

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